” Special moments are like wild animals. One needs to tread lightly around them.”

The unscripted, the unposed, the unpredictable…the images you will treasure the most are the ones you didn’t plan for and the ones that are impossible to recreate. 

The approach I have developed over the last decade is about telling a unique story every time, entering a wedding day with  a sense of naïveté, without any mental template… 


People often ask me why I left the spotlights of music and show biz to photograph weddings.

Making images about love, about the best of human condition, and delivering them to my couples fulfills me on a deeper level than what I have experienced in my previous life.

I approach each wedding as an opportunity to create my best work yet, and when you commission me to document your special day, you’ll get everything I have to give.


Over the last decade, Fabrice Tranzer has dedicated himself to documenting weddings for a select clientele in the NYC area and beyond.

Born and raised in France, his visual culture has been informed by the likes of Henri Cartier Bresson or Jacques-Henri Lartigue, while his unique approach bridges the gap between photo journalism and fine art photography. People often describe his work as honest and spontaneous, with a sense of effortless, timeless elegance.

Fabrice strives to continuously deliver a bespoke premium experience, and therefore accepts only a limited number of wedding commissions per season.







Michael & Rachel - New York

"We fell in love in New York City and have lived in several major cities of the East Coast for the past six years. Rachel works in public health and Michael is a Vitreoretinal surgeon. Our goal was for a simple outdoor wedding with a touch of of elegance and a lot of personalization throughout the night.

Fabrice was perfect.

From the second he arrived, at the height of the pre-wedding chaos, his immediate calming influence put everyone at ease. He was able to capture the true essence of our emotions that day, and the love that filled the air the entire night. It is clear that he feels connected to each of the couples he works with, so he is emotionally invested in working to find the perfect shot. Without a doubt, he was one of the absolute highlights of our entire wedding experience, and we will always be so very grateful."

Erin & Matt - Austin,TX

"What struck us about Fabrice's portfolio was the gorgeous light, the attention to place, and the candid shots of family that run throughout his work. More than a photographer, Fabrice is a thoughtful, helpful, and stylish guest. He's able to anticipate the inherent spontaneity of a wedding, to capture planned and unplanned moments of the day. He does so easily and with just enough panache to make it feel special, but not staged. It's easy to see that Fabrice enjoys capturing the organic fun and intimacy of a family gathering.

Our personal style! Hmmmmmmm The Godfather meets The Last Picture Show. "

Matt and Erin live in Austin, Texas. Matt is a writer/director who can regularly be found at the cinema. Erin is a designer who can regularly be found on the pickle-ball court.

Carrie & Ben - Westchester

"We are so lucky that we had the opportunity to work with Fabrice for our wedding and engagement shoot. Unlike other vendors who gave us a hard sell, Fabrice was genuine, relaxed, and confident. Working with Fabrice was effortless and a delight; we knew he would take beautiful pictures without requiring direction from us, and he did just that. Simply put, Fabrice is a beautiful photographer. Our aesthetic: we wanted our wedding to be elegant yet relaxed, not stuffy. I favor a softer, natural style to dramatic, high contrast photography."

Shawna & Godwin - New York

"We both were not looking for traditionally staged photos. What we really wanted in our wedding photographer was someone to capture the actual, the realness, the pure essence, the energy, the smiles, the crazy, the sentiment, the hidden moments, the little details, and all the fun. He captured every moment so effortlessly and with such charisma. As an artist myself I am very particular about quality and style. I wanted an artist, a true artist and Fabrice is just that. We are beyond pleased with his work and now have a lovely collection of photos from our day. Amongst being an incredibly talented person, he was a pleasure to work with: so friendly, flexible, and cool. "