Fine Art Book Design Process

STEP 1 :

Select your 20 ‘must haves’ favorites. In your gallery you can pick your selection by adding each image to your favorites by using the “Favorite” button / love heart symbol icon.

Please let me know when you’re done ( so I can start on your design.

STEP 2 :

I design a draft layout and send you a link to the viewing site. There, you can make design changes by commenting under each page and suggesting edits using the file numbers of your delivered images. When you are done, I do the changes and submit a new draft to you. We can go back & forth 3 times. After 3 rounds of changes there will be an additional fee of $100 per round. I’ve never had to charge this as everything always looks great after 1-2 changes :)

STEP 3 :

Approval. Once all approved by you, I order the album.

STEP 4 :

Album takes about 3-4 weeks to make, and will then be sent out to me. Once I receive the book, I will double check that it all looks amazing and send it out to you.


COVER MATERIAL : Choose from the selection of leathers & book clothes in the swatches below. EMBOSSING COLOR FOR YOUR NAMES AND DATE ON THE COVER: Gold or Silver

The swatches are HERE.