Weddings are fascinating to me because they are uniquely complex. They offer a deep perspective into the human condition. A rare opportunity to capture families and friends uniting in a ritual symbolizing the cornerstone of society. I believe my mission is a lot about curating images that will become priceless in 30 years. It's about grandparents witnessing their grandchildren blossoming, distant families reuniting, about mothers, fathers, siblings, and about children who will grow up too soon; about friendships also.

Furthermore, weddings are about a full spectrum of emotions, not just about portraying a glossy, picture-perfect facade. The perspective of marriage may be daunting; such a radical jump into the unknown often comes with layered emotions.

People's stories are uniquely sophisticated and transcend the labels of designer shoes. Simply reducing a wedding to images of opulent flowers, couture dresses, hip placemats and champagne fountains might be missing the point. A celebration of life and of the human heart.