It's about the story

When you commission me to document your wedding, you're getting an artistic vision and a client experience. It's a very different process than purchasing a vendor's time. I believe in eliminating the pressure of a 'by the hour' billing model to also allow for a more relaxed experience for you. You can enjoy your wedding without worrying about potential timeline issues—I'll be there to document it all. The focus is always on the story, not on the ticking clock.

Typically, it makes sense for me to begin capturing your day during the preparations, perhaps around 90 minutes before the bride needs to be ready. Similarly, my departure will be determined by the flow of the story, whether it's the peak of the dancing party or your formal exit, for example—these serve as obvious cues.

The reveal process

The morning after your wedding, you'll wake up to a few images in your inbox. A little 'amuse bouche' to say thank you. Pictures right after a wedding are raw, they need to simmer for a few weeks (in French we say 'mijoter'). These images are bound to serve as an eternal testimony and therefore the maturing/editing process is key and should not be rushed. Your legacy is more important to me than fast fashion wedding industry blog posts requirements...

When the full meal is ready (usually around 3-4 weeks after your wedding), you'll receive a Proof Box—a collection of all your images printed in {4x6}. I want you to experience your precious memories as tangible prints in your hands. Then, your online private gallery will go live for you to download and share your images, as well as order deliverables like framed fine arts prints.

When the dust settles a few weeks later, you'll receive a Queensberry {12x9} Album—a heirloom collection of your 100 favorite images to be treasured and passed down in your family for generations, becoming part of your legacy.



There's a certain allure to film images—timeless, romantic, dreamy, with that special 'je ne sais quoi' that's challenging to put into words. It's a beautiful feeling that I've always envisioned for my wedding work and for the couples I have the privilege to photograph. While digital photography has its strengths, I recognize the unique charm of film.

Depending on the light situation on your day, I carefully choose the arrow from my quiver of Leicas—whether film or digital—to create the visual narrative. Often, I blend both mediums throughout the day to weave the story.

I advocate for a contemporary use of film, embracing a modern hybrid workflow. The negatives undergo scanning by my lab, ensuring you receive high-resolution JPEGs, just like digital files. This not only facilitates easy sharing and printing of the images but also allows for a seamless integration of the benefits of both film and digital.

As a special touch, if you desire, we can send you the actual physical negatives, they make for a nice archival keepsake. Best of both worlds.


I believe that wedding photographs don't really come to life until they are expertly printed.

The album is where my work comes full circle; it's how the story of your day is best told, through a thoughtful sequence of 100 images, printed in a perfectly sized {12x9} book with stunning silver halide printed pages of the right thickness and weight, all optimized for the most immersive and elevated viewing experience.

I want to deliver a breathtaking album that I know will be treasured and passed down in your family.

Where will the jpegs be in 100 years? I know the book will be around.

And as you look through the pages of your own book together, you'll know that the photos there have transcended space and time, in the form of your cherished memories.

Believe in Books

The 60 pages Queensberry Album

Available in Linen, Buckram or Leather covers.

The Proof Box

Something special happens when you hold your memories in your hands.

I wanted my couples to experience their images first as prints in their hands, before perusing the online gallery.

The proof box is a custom linen handmade archival box that contains all your images printed on luster {4x6} photographic paper.

I see it also as a precious time proof physical backup for all your images.

The Engagement Session

Over the years, I've come to realize that the engagement session offers numerous benefits beyond capturing photographs. It provides us with an opportunity to get to know each other better, easing any tension before the wedding day as we'll already have built a rapport. Additionally, it allows you to become familiar with my style of photographing, ensuring that you'll feel completely at ease and relaxed in front of my camera.

Our session together is mostly spent chatting (perhaps over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine). While we'll certainly capture some photos, there's no pressure—we only need a handful of images, after all!

As part of my commitment to providing the best experience for all my couples, the engagement session is included as a complimentary option in my signature commission.

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